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About This Project

"Lift Every Voice: A Toolkit for Texas African American History" was made possible by grants from HEB, The University of Texas UTOPIA project, and the Summerfield Roberts Foundation. Staff, in-kind services and toolkit materials and content were provided by the following components of The University of Texas at Austin: The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, UTOPIA, The University of Texas Libraries, The Center for American History, and The School of Information.

We especially would like to thank Ms. Kate Rogers and Mr. Greg Flores of HEB, whose support, encouragement, and funding made this project possible.

We are especially grateful and would like to recognize the many contributions of Ms. Karen Riles of the Austin History Center for her invaluable and on-going research, guidance, contribution of materials and assistance in developing the toolkit components, and for her generosity of spirit in participating in the many meetings, emails and phone calls required to get this project off the drawing board and into production.

We would like to acknowledge and particularly recognize Dr. Martha Norkunas for contributing the collection of oral histories in this toolkit that were produced through her university courses and through "The Project for Interpreting Texas History." Of particular note, we thank her for her scholarship and tenacity in the extensive work that was required to organize, edit, write, and produce the oral history section of this toolkit. We also thank the following students and staff who assisted Dr. Norkunas: Ms. Erin Murphy, Ms. Clare Croft, Ms. Heather Teague, Ms. Helen Gagne, and Ms. Angela Swift. We would like to thank Dr. Richard A. Cherwitz, Founder and Director, Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) Professor, Department of Communication Studies and Division of Rhetoric & Writing for his on-going support and contributions to this oral history project.

We thank the UTOPIA group who provided substantial funding and the production services that made the project possible. We especially thank Mr. Mark McFarland and Ms. Carolee Mitchell for their initial support and guidance, and also thank the following UTOPIA staff for the planning, consultation and ultimate production of the website: Ms. Meredith Taylor, Ms. Mairi M. Reyer, Ms. Alisha Little, Mr. Mason Jones, Mr. Christopher Palmer, Mr. Rene Flores, Ms. Norma DeVries, and Ms. Becky Schaefer.

We would also like to particularly acknowledge UTOPIA staff, Mr. Mason Jones and Mr. Christopher Palmer for the research, writing, filming, and overall production of the video, "Mrs. Versie Lee Jackson and the Integration of Lamar University."

Substantial contributions of staff time, archival materials, and office space were made by the Center for American History (CAH) at The University of Texas at Austin, who serves as an integral partner for the Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition, as well as the Toolkit Project. Thank you to Dr. Don Carleton, Executive Director, and Ms. Alison Beck, Associate Director, and to the CAH staff: Ms. Brenda Gunn, Mr. John Wheat, Ms. Jane Boyd, Mr. Steven Williams, Ms. Linda Peterson, Ms. Ramona Kelly, Ms. Linda Newland, Mr. Ed Sevcik, and the many other staff members that researched and duplicated materials for the project.

We gratefully acknowledge Ms. Kimberly Christian, Senior Program Coordinator for the University of Texas Libraries, for her excellent guidance, direction, and enthusiasm for the concept and development of the lesson plan and curriculum section of the toolkit. Thank you to Ms. Laurie Coker, Ms. Sandra Bird, Ms. Gloria Smith, and Dr. Mary Black for developing the lessons plans.

Our project could not have moved forward without the work provided by Ms. Catherine Frasier, Mr. Wayne Decker, and Ms. Tracey Moulden for organizing and developing portions of the toolkit content through their Capstone Project, and to Ms. Lee Lacy and the School of Information for their in-kind support.

We thank Ms. Liz Mandrell and Mr. Joshua Henderson, Michener Center Fellows, for editing and writing contributions.


We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Dr. James L. Hill, Vice President of Community and School Relations, and Mr. Terry A. Wilson, Associate Vice President for Community and School Relations for their support and encouragement of the toolkit. We thank Ms. Stella Smith for the administrative coordination of the project.

The toolkit concept, overall management, and production were coordinated by Ms. Deborah Duval, Communications Director, Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin.