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Web U.S. Higher Education is intended for direct links to colleges and universities, not for other education-promoting and link-aggregating Web sites.

Institutional lists are maintained primarily as a resource for UT Austin students, faculty, and staff. Consistent with the University's policies regarding recognition of degrees and transfer of credit, only regionally-accredited institutions are listed.

The lists are routinely linkchecked, but this form can be used to suggest additions or revisions. Updates are posted monthly on the university and community college What's New pages.

Please note: links provided in Web U.S. Higher Education are the only information we maintain. We do not have statistical data, campus puchasing contacts, degree program rosters, or other information about colleges and universities. Institutional lists are maintained in no format other than the publicly-posted HTML files (i.e. there is no database, spreadsheet, etc.).

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revised 28 February 2013
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