Web Browsers

Most popular Web browsers are standards compliant and will work with the majority of university websites. However, you should make certain you are using one of the most recent versions of these commonly used Web browsers:  

If you do not run one the most recent versions of the commonly used Web browsers, you may encounter degraded functionality while visiting some campus websites or applications. Web publishers at the university test against the three most recent versions of the browsers listed above.

You should ensure your browsers are up-to-date and secure by regularly downloading and installing patches and updates.

Please note that Internet Explorer (IE) 6 and Firefox 3.6 are officially no longer supported.

Specific Browser Requirements

Some websites or applications at the university may only support specific browsers not listed above. For example, there are known specific browser requirements for Blackboard. If you do not run one of the preferred browsers when visiting these sites, you may encounter degraded functionality. 

If you have questions about browser requirements for a specific website or application, please refer to its documentation or contact the service owner. 

General Browser Requirements

The university recommends the following Web browser requirements to maintain compatibility across most websites:

  • The browser should have JavaScript enabled.
    • JavaScript is a scripting language that may be used to provide interactive or dynamic pages. Some university websites may not function properly if JavaScript is disabled.
  • The browser should be configured to accept cookies.
    • A cookie is a text-only user identifier string that gets entered into the memory of your browser. Many university websites will not function if cookies cannot be accepted; for example, the UT EID authentication system uses cookies.
  • The browser should be capable of 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
    •  SSL certificate protects sensitive information during online transactions. Most modern browsers are capable of this encryption support.

Popular Plug-ins and Players

You may need to install the following plug-ins or players in order to use some campus Web resources: 

These plug-ins and players can be downloaded at no charge from the links above.