IMA Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 - Decision Support
Goal 2 - Official Reporting
Goal 3 - Institutional Information/Access
Goal 4 - Operational Support
Goal 5 – Accurate and Timely Info
Goal 6 – Reliable IT Systems
Goal 7 – Professional Staff

Goal 1 (Decision Support) – Provide information and analysis to support internal decision-making by university leaders

1.1.    Objective - Provide comparison information on national peers to support benchmarking and assessment

1.2.    Objective – Support central development and delivery of information via IQ, including training and end-user support.

1.3.  Objective - Respond to priority and ad hoc requests from executive officers

1.4.    Objective – Provide data support to institutional committees and administrative bodies

1.5.    Objective – Proactively provide information to support institutional initiatives

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Goal 2 (Official Reporting) – Fulfill the official reporting obligations of the institution

2.1.    Objective – Ensure the accurate and timely submission of cyclical reports to the State of Texas and federal government (THECB, LBB, IPEDS)

2.2.    Objective – Participate in decision processes related to UT System, THECB, and LBB performance and accountability reporting

2.3.    Objective – Ensure accurate and timely submission of NCAA reports.

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Goal 3 (Institutional Information/Access) – Provide accessible institutional data to a broad range of internal and external constituents

3.1.    Objective – Improve data accessibility to public constituents

3.2.    Objective – Proactively determine what information is valuable to constituents and make it readily available

3.3.    Objective – Provide data in a useful timeframe

3.4.    Objective – Provide data in a helpful manner

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Goal 4 (Operational Support) – Support institutional operations and processes related to faculty, facilities, students, and courses

4.1.    Objective – Support assessment activities related to SACS accreditation

4.2.    Objective – Provide support for institutional accountability initiatives

4.3.    Objective – Support faculty career management activities

4.4.    Objective – Provide stewardship and support for the Space Management Initiative

4.5.    Objective – Support the degree program approval / change process

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Goal 5 (Accurate and Timely Information) – Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all information provided

5.1.    Objective – Ensure the accuracy of data and reports

5.2.    Objective – Provide a reliable infrastructure for maintaining information

5.3.    Objective – Provide data in a timely manner and within stated deadlines

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Goal 6 (Reliable IT Systems) – Develop and maintain accurate,  reliable, and well-integrated information systems

6.1.    Objective – Develop and maintain relationships with the UT community and explore integration points.

6.2.    Objective – Develop useful IT solutions that effectively address business needs.

6.3.    Objective – Maintain a stable, efficient, maintainable, and well-documented code base.

6.4.    Objective – Maintain stable and efficient hardware, software and network technologies that effectively meet the needs of the office.

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Goal 7 (Professional Staff) – Develop and retain a professional, highly-motivated, and well-trained staff

7.1.    Objective – Participate in professional organizations.

7.2.    Objective – Engage in individual professional training to maintain and enhance skill set to improve job performance.

7.3.   Objective – Support campus-wide professional initiatives and services to the UT community.

7.4.    Objective – Secure and maintain financial resources for office staff

7.5.    Objective – Increase visibility of staff and knowledge of their expertise within larger university and professional community.

7.6.    Objective – Maintain a cohesive, mutually-supportive team of professionals.

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