College of Pharmacy

Advancing discoveries to improve health.

As the link between patients and drug therapy, 21st century pharmacists command a significant responsibility in the health care system—and here at The University of Texas at Austin's College of Pharmacy, we'll prepare you to direct the future of the profession. Through our rigorous curriculum and outstanding faculty, we bring cutting-edge research and clinical expertise to the classroom, educating and training you to be at the forefront of innovation in pharmacy and to assure exemplary care to patients throughout the world.

Undergraduate pharmacy student in class reading through notes.

Pharm.D. Program

Begin your path to a career in drug therapy management by attaining this entry-level professional degree which includes two years of pre-pharmacy coursework and four years of pharmacy curriculum.

Pharmacy student performing lab tests.

Graduate Programs

Pursue advanced training in one of six specialized areas: pharmacology and toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacotherapy, health outcomes and pharmacy practice, or interdisciplinary studies.

Post-doc fellow in lab reviewing findings with another researcher.

Post-Pharm.D. Education and Training

Advance skills in clinical practice or research through a variety of outstanding practice residencies and clinical science fellowships.

Pharmacy research in lab.


Whether their field is cancer, substance addiction, hypertension or Ebola, researchers at the College of Pharmacy stand poised at the cutting edge of discoveries that will turn elusive answers into effective treatments.

Group of pharmacy students with Hook 'Em mascot.

Student Organizations

Students are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in our many professional organizations which provide programs and activities to assist members in achieving practice excellence and professional growth.