Jackson School of Geosciences

Advancing the understanding of Earth.

The Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin is among the most established and well-regarded geoscience programs in the world. Our mission is to advance the understanding of Earth, its resources, systems and environment for the lasting benefit of humankind. We provide world-class education for students at all levels, fostering your education by involving you in the research process, offering comprehensive curricula and preparing you for a successful career. At Jackson, we protect the planet by studying it, learning from it and predicting what the future will bring.

Student using rock hammer to gather samples while on field trip to Nine Mile Canyon.

Undergraduate Programs

Choose from seven degree options, which include everything from safeguarding the environment and finding energy to studying climate, natural hazards and ancient forms of life.

Students atop mountain on field trip examine rocks.

Graduate Programs

Enhance your technical knowledge in applied geology, gain advanced research experience or prepare for analytical and leadership positions in resource-related fields.

Geologists performing research in Antarctica.


Our research encompasses all parts of the Earth's dynamic system, investigating links between Earth's interior, surface, hydrosphere, cryosphere, biosphere and atmosphere, and how the coupling of chemical, physical, biological and geological processes shape the evolution of Earth.

Young geologists on field trip.


The mission of the Jackson School's outreach programs is to advance public understanding of the geosciences by serving and collaborating with diverse groups beyond the UT Austin community, especially the public and those involved in pre-college education.