School of Information

Connecting the world with information.

From the arts to the sciences, from work to leisure, information affects us all—and at The University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information, we seek to understand the role it plays in all human endeavors. The shaping of a new information world demands insight and guidance from information scholars, and we educate the professionals who ensure information's continuity, usability, reliability and accessibility, both now and into the future. We are a new school for a new time, and our degrees will set you on a path for a new kind of career.

Group of students in class.

Master's Program

Build knowledge and skills to prepare for a wide variety of careers, including information architecture, records management, usability design/engineering and many more.

Student working at computer

Doctoral Program

Prepare to contribute to the discipline through a career involving research and instruction, pursuing advanced information studies and gaining valuable research experience.

Student studying lecture notes in library.

Dual Degree Programs

Pursue a degree in information studies while simultaneously working toward a degree from one of several other top academic programs at UT Austin.

Faculty member Karen Pavelka preserving information artifacts in lab.

Work and Research

From preserving ancient papyrus to crowdsourcing and human computation, there is an enormous breadth of information work and research happening at UT Austin.

Conducting human-focused experiment in Information eXperience Lab.

Learning Spaces

The iSchool provides students with a wide variety of cutting-edge equipment and learning spaces, including the IX Lab, Digitization Suite and fully-equipped sound rooms.