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The university stationary system is the most widely used communication tool used by the university. Consistent use of our visual identity only strengthens our institution and conveys a positive image every time it is used.

All components of our stationary system (business cards, letterhead and envelopes) should be uniform in use of color, fonts, paper and layout. This consistent use demonstrates to recipients that each college, school, department and unit respects its affiliation and alignment with the university.

There are two stationary system options available to campus. One using the university seal and the other the academic identity of the university. The stationery shall be printed on white UT Austin watermark paper stock with the university seal printed to the left. The seal and the rule may be printed in orange if so desired and if funds permit. For bulk mailings, the stationery may be printed on white stock without the UT Austin watermark.

Custom letterhead, envelopes and business cards are not permitted for official business.

Document Solutions is the only printing service who has our watermark paper. It is recommended that all official stationary be printed at Document Solutions.

Electronic Letterhead

When you intend to deliver your message through e-mail, electronic letterhead is permitted, provided the correct template is used. An electronic version of our letterhead (a Microsoft Word template) can be downloaded here. Do not print and distribute paper copies of the electronic letterhead; official university letterhead should be used for all paper based correspondence.

Please note, Benton Sans can be replaced with the alternate digital font, Open Sans.


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Where to purchase

To see all business card, letterhead and envelope options or to place an order online, go to the Document Solutions website.


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Stationary Sample



Sample office stationery


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