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Video Assets  |  Examples

Brand strength relies on consistency. University Communications has compiled assets and guidelines for you to use in your videos.

Recommended video assets

  • Lower-third graphic
  • Bumper graphic for the beginning or end of your video.
  • B-Roll of the UT Austin campus, a lab, a library, in front of the Tower, etc. can add an extra dimension to the spoken content of the video as well as give viewers who have never been to the UT Austin campus a better idea of the setting.

Download Video Graphics (EID Required)

Download a selection of B-Roll from Box (EID Required)


Music to use in your video is not provided by the university, but there are many affordable, royalty-free resources available online including:


Captioning for your video is available from UT Libraries Captioning and Transcription Service.

The University of Texas Libraries Captioning and Transcription Service creates captions and transcriptions for campus media. Our goal is to make video and audio accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, and increase content discoverability. If you are an instructor, content creator or University-affiliated video owner, we would like to work with you.


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White Lower-Third

White Lower Third



Orange Lower-Third

Orange Lower Third


Gray Lower-Third

Gray Lower Third



Bumper Graphic

Bumper Graphic


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