Brand Identity

We’ve established the following brand guides and recommendations to help you, the faculty, students, staff and alumni, use the brand elements correctly and consistently as you put together your own communications, presentations and documents. By consistently incorporating the following ideas, visual language and themes you can help the university firmly establish the brand and leverage the power of the brand to make your communications more powerful.  Please refer to our Identity Standards Guide for use of university visual assets.

Brand Assets

Consistent visual assets go a long way toward creating a distinctive and identifiable brand. Encompassing such elements as color choice, font choice and layout, these guidelines keep university communications clear and recognizable.

Brand Applications

Our visual language is built from colors, imagery, layout and design, all of which help create a distinctive university style. By employing a unified style we create brand awareness, develop emotional and intellectual associations, differentiate ourselves from others and create a consistent experience. This section gives tips on the use of the university templates.