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Until 1904 the university's football and athletic teams had been called "Varsity" or "Steers." It was not until 1913, when H.J. Lutcher Stark, a prominent benefactor of the university, made a donation of blankets with the word "Longhorns" sewn into it, that our mascot's name came into existence.

Since that time the Longhorn has been a powerful symbol reflecting the spirit of our athletic teams and our university. Because we value this important symbol, care needs to be taken when it is employed. Please pay special consideration to the following rules.

  • The Longhorn logo is reserved for student spirit and athletic communications. The logo should not be used to represent academic units.
  • When reproduced in color the Longhorn logo should always appear in The University of Texas at Austin's signature color, burnt orange (PMS 159), black or white for reverses on dark backgrounds.
  • The logo is to be reproduced without modification or addition. Graphic filters, such as dropshadows, bevels, 3-D effects, embosses or glows should not be applied to the Longhorn logo. The Longhorn logo cannot be integrated into other marks and must be represented independently. Any manipulation or alteration to the Longhorn logo is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the Longhorn logo is prohibited without written consent from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Longhorn Logo


For more information about the use of Longhorn logo, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing:

Craig R. Westemeier, Associate Athletics Director

Martita Huntress, Coordinator

Office of Trademark Licensing
The University of Texas at Austin
2100 San Jacinto/Bellmont Hall 212K
Austin, Texas 78712
512-232-7080 fax