Historical Content

Historical Pages and Sites

The university is committed to providing accurate content on its websites, as well as providing access to historical content for informational purposes.

Where applicable, historical content is designated with a header that says "Web Historical Disclaimer."

Pages displaying historical statements are no longer maintained and may contain outdated information. Such pages may no longer reflect practice or policy. Historical pages:

  • May not display correctly in modern Web browsers.
  • May contain links to pages that no longer exist.
  • May have links removed that were in the original version.

They do, however, represent information that was accurate when the page/site was created.

Designating pages as historical is not required. Campus Web publishers need to maintain their content. If the content can no longer be properly maintained, it should be removed or designated as historical as indicated in these guidelines.


Publishers on www.utexas.edu can display the historical disclaimer on pages by including the following code. These tags will tell search engines to not index the page and include the stylesheet to style the historical disclaimer.

Within the <head> tag include:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/wc/second_level/css/historical.css" />


At the top of the <body> tag you should also include the following code. This includes the actual historical disclaimer text.

<!--#include virtual="/wc/second_level/includes/historical.html"-->


The instructions above are useful for small numbers of pages. The Web Technologies Team in ITS Applications has developed some scripts to help webmasters designate entire directories as historical. Please contact the Web Technologies Team if you have questions or would like assistance in designating old content as historical.