The data for the most commonly used platforms by visitors to are:

Platform Jan. – June 2015 July – Dec. 2014 Jan. – June 2014 July – Dec. 2013
Windows 48.6% 50.3% 52.2% 52.1%
Macintosh 28% 27.8% 27.7% 32.2%
iOS 15% 14.4% 13.7% 10.8%
Android 6.1% 5.4% 4.3% 3.3%

Develop for Multiple Environments

One recommended approach that developers may use to design for multiple platforms is to build sites that are platform agnostic using responsive-design and progressive-enhancement techniques.

Responsive design focuses on the use of three design features:

  • Flexible grid-based layout
  • Flexible images and media
  • CSS media queries

Progressive enhancement focuses on establishing a base set of features and then adding functionality as allowed by the visitor’s platform.

Information on both responsive design and progressive enhancement can be found here. Using these practices provides a standards-compliant way of ensuring support in multiple environments as well as future proofing your sites against new platforms.