Other Marks

The University of Texas at Austin is a highly respected and recognized higher education institution. Our university wordmarks and logos (“marks”) allow us to set ourselves apart from other universities and brands. Use these marks to support the mission and reputation of the university in accordance with these guidelines.


General Guidelines:

  • Official university entities, including colleges, schools, units and academic programs, may use university marks. Guidelines for use of the marks and required approvals follow.
  • Student organizations that are “officially sponsored” may use the marks but may not in a manner that in any way would constitute university endorsement, approval or underwriting of any organization, corporation, product, activity, service or contract.

Complete guidelines for outside entities wishing to use University of Texas wordmarks and logos are available.

Trademark law recommends using proper trademark designation symbols (i.e. the “®” if the mark is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the “™” if the mark is not so registered) to enhance the ability to protect the marks and to take full advantage of trademark laws. These symbols serve as notice to the public that the university asserts trademark rights in its protected marks.

Place the symbols to the right side of the mark.


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Other Marks (but are not limited to)

Interlocking UT and Block T

University of Texas Interlocking UT and Block T



Be A Longhorn and Get Hooked

Be A Longhorn logo and Get Hooked logo



Hook 'em Horns Slogan, Hook 'em Hand Sign

Hook 'em horns sign, hook 'em horns t-shirt example, and hand sign Hook 'em Horns photo



Campus use only

Hooked on Texas logo, Students Hooked on Texas logo, Healthy Horns logo



Other examples of items that are considered trademarked

Other examples of items that are considered trademarked


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