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Handbook of Business Procedures

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June 19, 2012
September 17, 2014
Federal Reporting


Part 10. Costing - Table of Contents


A. Federal Reporting

The Federal Reporting section at (email: of the Office of Accounting and Financial Management works to ensure that service centers are operated, monitored, and accounted for in accordance with all applicable university policies, procedures, state and federal guidelines, and sound costing principles. Federal Reporting performs the following functions:

  • Provides rate-setting guidance.
  • Approves the establishment of new service centers.
  • Collaborates with the Budget Office annually to perform budget reviews during the spring budget submission and fiscal year end (FYE) balance justifications.  
  • Responds to requests by internal, state, or federal audits.

B. Service Center Management

The Service Center manager works to ensure that the service center(s) are operated, monitored, and accounted for in accordance with all applicable university policies, procedures, state and federal guidelines, and with sound costing principles. The Service Center manager performs the following functions:

  • Submits a rate review proposal to Federal Reporting (email: based on the service center type and classification.
  • Ensures proposals include approval from the dean or vice president, the department head or chair, and a UBOC officer.
  • Ensures rates are approved by Federal Reporting before they are charged to users.
  • Ensures all users are billed in a timely manner and billing activity is reviewed to verify that rates are correctly applied.
  • Retains all costs, projections, and any other information used to develop rates to substantiate charges in the event of an audit. 
  • Requests accounts from Federal Reporting as appropriate.
  • Ensures rates only include costs directly related to the operation of the service center and the service or good the user receives.
  • Analyze expenses and income to ensure the service center is operating on a break-even basis.   
  • Notify Federal Reporting (email: when it is anticipated that:
    • New services or goods will be added.
    • Services or goods provided or costs will significantly change.
    • The service center will no longer be operational.

C. Budget Office

During the budget submission period, Federal Reporting performs budget reviews and provides recommendations to the Budget Office. After fiscal year-end, Federal Reporting works with UBOC officers and service center managers to provide a summary of effective balances. For more information, refer to the Handbook of Business Procedures, Part 10.3.5, H. Breakeven Rates.

D. Financial Accounting Services (FAS)

FAS processes new account requests with the necessary object code restrictions  as requested by Federal Reporting.

E. Payment Information Services

Establish or modify Interdepartmental Transfer (*DEFINE VT5) formats for service centers as requested by Federal Reporting, including  any required restrictions.



Part 10. Costing - Table of Contents