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About HRMS

About HRMS

In an effort to streamline and simplify workforce administration and business processes, The University of Texas at Austin is implementing a Human Resource Management System (HRMS). HRMS is a web-based integrated solution to human resource, employee, and payroll services.

When finalized, HRMS will provide highly efficient and reliable real-time integration with computer systems and applications to expedite employment-related procedures and simplify workforce processing and management.

The development of HRMS is spearheaded by the university's business services council, which has earned university-wide support from campus departments, who have provided facilities, resources and collaborative efforts to HRMS development.

To find out more about HRMS, read the project charter (MS Word document) or read the administrative software system strategic plan (pdf; UT EID required).

Developmental Phases of HRMS

HRMS is being developed in a phased approach over several years. The first phase was completed in November 2008, significantly improving the functional capabilities available to users and enabling users to go to one interface to manage many of their employee and human resource processes.

Phase 1
Phase 1 focused on creating a foundation for managing positions for classified and administrative and professional personnel, linking appointment data to both positions and employees, allowing users to view and modify employee authorizations, and improving the process for recruiting new employees.

Phase 2
Phase 2 of HRMS was released on November 2, 2009. Highlights included bringing in faculty and student titles and managing appointment creation through assigning people to positions. Attach-a-file functionality became available in HRMS during the summer of 2009, and a mass salary update document became available in early 2010.

Phases 2.5 and 2.6
Phases 2.5 and 2.6 of HRMS included Budgetary Funding, functionality to split documents for Student Assignments (UT Austin Only), a Mass Update Document, a Non Tenure-track Faculty Mass Assign Document, a Salary Update Document, and Summer Assignment functionality.


HRMS Governance

The following sponsor groups provide oversight and guidance for HRMS:

  • Executive Sponsors

    The Executive Sponsors offer high-level strategic direction, ensure support throughout the university, and resolve resource and budget constraints. This group comprises the university’s provost, chief financial officer, chief information officer, and departmental vice presidents.

  • Operational Sponsors

    The Operational Sponsors establish objectives and deliverables, determine priorities, provide tactical direction, and make final decisions for policy questions that cannot be resolved by the HRMS team. Departments represented include Human Resource Services, Payroll, Accounting, Budget, and the Provost’s Office.

  • UT Austin Advisory Group

    The UT Austin Advisory Group provides the Operational Sponsors and HRMS team with broad-based input on HRMS issues. The group comprises representatives from every college and administrative office at the university.

  • Shared Services Advisory Group

    The Shared Services Advisory Group, which offers broad-based feedback to the Operational Sponsors and HRMS team, consists of representatives from human resources, payroll, and budget departments at UT Arlington, UT El Paso, UT Permian Basin, UT San Antonio, UT Tyler, and UT System.


HRMS Leadership


HRMS Team Lead Claire Knauth
Technical Team Lead Mark Barber
HRMS Sustainment Manager Donna Gandy