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Office of the Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Frequently Requested Information

Budget Information
Capital Metro - Shuttle Bus
Claims - Under the Texas Tort Claims Act
Income Taxes
Interagency Contracts (IAC): Preparation and Turnaround time
Observation Deck of UT Austin's Tower
Office Hours
Overnight Package and Letter Deliveries
Selling Products on Campus
Surplus Furniture and Computers at UT Austin
Texas Public Information Act
Texas Transparency - Where the Money Goes
UT Austin Trademark Licensing
UT Austin Vehicle Information

Budget Information - (top of page)

The current fiscal year budget for the University of Texas at Austin is available in the Perry Castaneda Library Reserves section. Budgets for previous years are kept at the Center for American History in Sid Richardson Hall. For more information, please visit UT Austin's Budget Office website.

Capital Metro - (top of page)

Capital Metro provides shuttle bus service to and from UT Austin's Campus and Pickle Research Center. Details about bus routes and schedules are available on the Web at Shuttle Bus Maps and Schedules under UT's Parking and Transportation Services. Maps detailing bus routes and schedules are also available at the General Information Desk on the ground floor in the University's Main Building. For other routes and schedules, please call Capital Metro Customer Service at 512-474-1200. To discuss specific service issues, call Capital Metro's Customer Comments line at 512-385-0190.

Claims - (top of page)

The Office of the Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer needs immediate notice of the essential details of any possible claim under the Texas Tort Claims Act. Please use the Preliminary Summary Report to submit this information. Additional information regarding Tort Claims is found at the UT System Business Policy Library website.

Donations/Gifts - (top of page)

The Office of Vice President for Development handles all information regarding donations, such as the forms to use, donation/gift procedures, and tax information. You may obtain information about donations/gifts by visiting the University Development Office's How to Support UT Web page, or by calling their office at 512-471-5424.

Income Taxes - (top of page)

For questions regarding income tax withheld from a UT Austin employee's paycheck, please call UT Austin Payroll Services at 512-471-5271, or visit UT Direct website "My Paycheck Profile".

Interagency Cooperation Contracts (IAC) - (top of page)

You may download the latest version of the Interagency Cooperation Contract format (OGC-SC84) at Standard Business Agreements.

For assistance in preparing an IAC or an Amendment to an IAC, please email Taylor Pfaff at or call 512-471-4412.

The amount of time required to process IACs varies depending on the structure of the contract but the standard lead time is two weeks. During the period between June and October, processing time can take four-six weeks.

Observation Deck of UT Austin's Tower - (top of page)

The Tower Observation Deck is officially open to the general public. Tours are managed by the Texas Union and you may call them at 512-475-6633 or 1-877-475-6633 for reservations. For historical and interesting facts about the University, please visit the UT Austin Facts Web page under the Office of Public Affairs.

Office Hours - (top of page)

The office hours for the Office of the Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., except for university holidays. The office is open during the lunch hour from noon-1 p.m.

Overnight Package and Letter Deliveries - (top of page)

Physical Address:
Office of the Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The University of Texas at Austin
Inner Campus Drive, Main 102
Austin, Texas 78712-1111

Phone Number:

Selling Products on Campus - (top of page)

UT Austin's Student Organizations who want to sell items on UT Austin's campus must contact the Office of the Dean of Students and should consult the appropriate section in the Student Organization Manual. Vendors wanting to sell items on public streets adjacent to UT Austin's campus may contact the City of Austin at 512-499-7023 for automated voice information. To lease a Food Kiosk, contact Mr. Andy Smith, Tx. Union at 512-475-6600.

Surplus Furniture and Computers at UT Austin - (top of page)

Contact Surplus Property at 512-471-7889 in the General Services Department at UT Austin's Facilities Services.

Texas Public Information Act - (top of page)

The Texas Public Information Act (the "Public Information Act") was adopted in 1973 by the reform-minded 63rd Legislature. The Sharpstown scandal, which occurred in 1969 and came to light in 1971, provided the motivation for several enactments opening up government to the people. If you would like more information, go to the Open Records Web page or contact the Open Records Coordinators, Annela Lopez at 512-471-8300 or, or Bob Davis at 512-471-3567 or

Texas Transparency - Where the Money Goes - (top of page)

The Texas State Comptroller maintains the Texas Transparency - Where the Money Goes website, a database of state agency spending. Use the tools and information on Where the Money Goes Database to search the state check register, track state spending and see your tax dollars at work.

UT Austin Trademark Licensing - (top of page)

If you are interested in using UT's trademark, fax your written proposal to 512-232-7080, and explain how you will use UT Austin's trademark, and for what purpose. Please include in your proposal how you may be contacted. For further information, please contact Craig Westemeier at or call 512-475-7923. Find additional information at the Office of Trademark Licensing website.

UT Austin Vehicle Information - (top of page)

UT Austin maintains automobile liability insurance that applies to vehicles owned by the university, and operated by a university employee. For more information concerning insurance or accidents, please visit the Office of the Controller website. To report unsafe driving, or improper use of a university vehicle, contact Lisa Shanks at 512-232-5153 or email to Please provide the vehicle number, make, model, and location of the incident.