English 2A

Course Description

English 2 incorporates the study of both grammar and literature. A strong writing component includes activities that encourage the development of grammar skills. Writing assignments focus on standard modes of writing. Assignments and exercises are based on a diverse group of readings from the text. Readings include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Required Course Materials

Course Lesson Organization

Objectives. The objectives for each lesson will help you focus your efforts. They indicate the concepts and skills you must understand or master when you complete the lesson.
Reading Assignments. Each lesson specifies the selections that must be read.
Introduction. The Introduction section of each lesson provides key terms and concepts that give you background for the lesson.
Self-Assessment Activities. These activities help to build your knowledge and skills and to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Some activities direct you to Internet sites with supplemental material for the lesson. All activities prepare you for the graded assignments and for mastering course materials.
Graded Assignments. Each assignment provides information about how your work will be assessed and how credit will be given for your responses. Most assignments will be submitted online and graded by your instructor. Some assignments will be computer-graded. The average of your assignments counts as 75 percent of your course grade. The Final Examination counts as the other 25 percent. You can apply to take the Final Exam after 100 percent of your graded assignments have been submitted, and at least 70 percent have been graded and returned to you.

Final Examination

The final examination is comprehensive; it covers the material from all of the lessons. To pass the course, you must receive a grade of 70 percent or better.
Format: Multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions testing literary terms, characterization, fact and opinion, cause and effect, knowledge of grammar, and vocabulary.
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Materials Allowed: #2 pencil

Course Outline

Total Number of Lessons: 10
Total Number of Activities: 59
Total Number of Graded Assignments: 19
Instructor Graded (Online submission): 19
Computer Graded: 0

Lesson 1: The Price of Progress, Part 1
  Activity 1: Active Reading and the Elements of Fiction
  Activity 2: Applying What You Know: "The Interlopers"
  Activity 3: Comprehension Questions: "Harrison Bergeron"
  Activity 4: Characterization and Motive in "Searching for Summer"
  Activity 5: Comparison and Contrast: "Searching for Summer" and "The Sun"
  Activity 6: Figurative Language in "By the Waters of Babylon"
  Activity 7: Thinking about Theme: "By the Waters of Babylon" and "There Will Come Soft Rains"
Graded Assignment 1: Opinions
Graded Assignment 2: Theme and Figurative Language

Lesson 2: Author Study: Ray Bradbury
  Activity 1: Learning about Ray Bradbury
  Activity 2: Connecting to Your Life: "A Sound of Thunder"
  Activity 3: Vocabulary Exercise: "A Sound of Thunder"
  Activity 4: Comprehension Questions: "There Will Come Soft Rains"
  Activity 5: Setting and Point of View in "There Will Come Soft Rains"
Graded Assignment 3: Science Fiction
Graded Assignment 4: Adventure Advertisement

Lesson 3: The Price of Progress, Part 2
  Activity 1: Comprehension Questions: Nonfiction
  Activity 2: Cause and Effect in "Dial Versus Digital"
  Activity 3: Fact and Opinion in "Dial Versus Digital"
  Activity 4: Comprehension Questions: "Once More to the Lake"
  Activity 5: Nonviolent Action and the Montgomery Bus Boycott  
  Activity 6: Comprehension Questions: "Montgomery Boycott" and "Sit-ins"
Graded Assignment 5: Lesson 3 Review
Graded Assignment 6: Biographical Essay

Lesson 4: Cultural Crossroads
  Activity 1: Comprehension Questions: "Theme"
  Activity 2: Inferring Theme from Characterization: "No Witchcraft for Sale"
  Activity 3: Vocabulary Exercise: Meaning Clues in "No Witchcraft for Sale"
  Activity 4: Comprehension Questions: "The Son from America"
  Activity 5: Comparing "The Son from America" and "Grudnow"
  Activity 6: Word Parts: Clues to Meaning
  Activity 7: Description and Style in "Fish Cheeks"
Graded Assignment 7: Lesson 4 Review
Graded Assignment 8: Oral Interpretation

Lesson 5: Love at the Crossroads
  Activity 1: Comprehension Questions: "Marriage Is a Private Affair"
  Activity 2: Vocabulary Exercise: "Marriage Is a Private Affair"
  Activity 3: Setting in "Love Must Not Be Forgotten"
  Activity 4: Vocabulary Exercise: Analogies
  Activity 5: Revising and Editing Exercise
  Activity 6: Using Quotations Correctly
  Activity 7: Transitional Words and Phrases
Graded Assignment 9: Lesson 5 Review
Graded Assignment 10: Literary Analysis

Lesson 6: Ties that Bind
  Activity 1: Poetry
  Activity 2: "Piano" and "Those Winter Sundays"
  Activity 3: Sonnet Structure: "Sonnet 18" and "Sonnet 30"
  Activity 4: Appreciating Sensory Imagery: "Salvador Late or Early"
  Activity 5: Vocabulary Exercise: Words from "Salvador Late or Early"
  Activity 6: Writing Exercise: Compound Verbs
  Activity 7: Revising and Editing Exercise
Graded Assignment 11: Lesson 6 Review
Graded Assignment 12: Original Poem

Lesson 7: Mysteries of the Heart
  Activity 1: The Characteristics of Drama
  Activity 2: Elements of Farce in The Bear
  Activity 3: Vocabulary Exercise: "Words to Know" from The Bear
  Activity 4: Grammar Exercise: Compound Sentences
  Activity 5: Grammar Exercise: Complex Sentences
  Activity 6: Figurative Language in "Tonight I Can Write…"
Graded Assignment 13: Review of The Bear

Lesson 8: Antigone, Part 1
  Activity 1: Myths, Legends, and Greek Tragedy
  Activity 2: "Guide for Reading" Questions
Graded Assignment 14: Lesson 8 Review
Graded Assignment 15: Research Report

Lesson 9: Antigone, Part 2
  Activity 1: "Words to Know" from Antigone
  Activity 2: Greek Vase Tour
  Activity 3: Vocabulary Exercise: Meaning Clues
Graded Assignment 16: Lesson 9 Review
Graded Assignment 17: Literary Analysis

Lesson 10: Novel Study: Of Mice and Men
  Activity 1: John Steinbeck
  Activity 2: Study Questions: Chapter 1
  Activity 3: Ordering Events: Chapter 2
  Activity 4: Study Questions: Chapter 2
  Activity 5: Study Questions: Chapter 3
  Activity 6: Study Questions: Chapter 4
  Activity 7: Study Questions: Chapter 5
  Activity 8: Study Questions: Chapter 6
  Activity 9: Skills Practice: Quotations, Possessives, and Titles
Graded Assignment 18: Lesson 10 Review
Graded Assignment 19: Literary Analysis