UT Direct Advisory Group


The UT Direct Advisory Group will advise ITS and AITL on optimizing the value of the University's self-service Web framework. The group will help identify and prioritize important features, functions, processes, and documentation for the self-service UT Direct system, helping to define and select priority projects to be undertaken by the UT Direct team in collaboration with the community. It will also help to clarify the relationship between UT Direct and the planned back-office ERP UI. While it is expected that these systems will be largely distinct from one another, it is understood that their governance will involve interrelated issues and shared resources. Given that, the group will work with technical staff and IT leadership to ensure clear and effective coordination of all work in this area and will be charged both with guiding technical decisions and with supporting the communication of key decisions to campus developers and business executives.

Committee Members

Chair: Angela Svoboda

UT Direct Advisory Group Members
Name Position & Organization

Cooper Henson

Sr. Software Developer/Analyst, Information Technology Services

Brian Hundsdorfer

Sr. IT Manager, University Development Office

Rich Janes

Assistant Director, TRECS

Jim Kerkhoff

Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts

Laura Manuel

Assistant Director, Office of Accounting

Juan Ortiz

Senior Systems Analyst, Officer of the Controller

Cassidy Santaguida

Sr. Software Developer/Analyst, Information Technology Services

Jordan Scharf

Senior Software Developer/Analyst, Information Technology Services

Angela Svoboda

Director, Office of Admissions

Tim Tashjian

Associate Director, Office of Admissions

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