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Ask Libby

Ask Libby is a one-stop guide for students to the College of Liberal Arts. The foundation of the site is a searchable, organic FAQ database that will grow and change over time to help you find the answers to most of your questions. The resource has a feature that allows a student to ask a question and receive a response from an advisor if the answer cannot be found directly.

Ask Libby is more than just the FAQ; it is a comprehensive collection of the best and most relevant links that pertain to the undergraduate experience. We hope that you will be able to get many of your academic advising needs taken care of online, and that you will find it convenient to have access to this information 24-7.

Questions of a more lengthy/personal nature should be e-mailed. If your questions cannot be answered through the FAQ or via e-mail, we will direct you to schedule an appointment with one of your Liberal Arts advisors.

Please note that Federal Privacy (FERPA) laws do not allow us to release any personal information through this medium.