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Spousal Hires

Traditionally, spousal hires are a three way split with the Provost’s Office, the hiring department, and the spouses’ department each covering one-third of the academic rate. Usually, a spousal hire involves separate departments and often, separate colleges.

How It Works

  1. The leading spouse requests the spousal hire. Leading spouse hiring department requests the spouse’s vita.
  2. The department should then discuss the potential spousal hire with the dean. The dean will discuss the potential spousal hire with the appropriate dean or department chair, as applicable.
  3. Assuming both parties are supportive of the potential spousal hire, the leading dean brings the proposal to the provost for review. If approved…
    1. Each department creates a PAR for their respective hire.

      The leading hire’s PAR:
      Make sure to include information on the trailing spouse. Include name, department, and rank in the PAR comments (Section 8).
      The trailing hire’s PAR:
      Should include a job posting waiver (PDF) with all appropriate documentation.

      Note: DOC files require Microsoft Viewer.

      Section 7 in place of the Job Posting Number, please enter "SPOUSAL" then add the UTEID of the leading spouse in the space provided.

      Section 2 should include any FS (faculty salary) funding commitments made by the lead college/department, as well as those made from the Provost’s Office in support of the spousal hire.

      Please note: the offer letter should state, “This offer is contingent upon the successful recruit/retention of your spouse, XXXXX XXXXX.”


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Last Modified: 3 December 2014