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Sharmila Rudrappa, Director BUR 556, Mailcode A2200, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-232-9468

Student Advising

Any student that wants to learn more about the Asian American Studies major/minor, offered courses, and/or programs at CAAS should contact

Current AAS majors

Please set-up an appointment with if you want to discuss: 
  • what AAS course to take
  • information about AAS Departmental Honors
  • post-graduation plans
  • how to get support during your undergraduate journey
  • Asian American Studies courses and faculty

Please contact Othell Ballage (see below how to contact) for any techincal related advising questions/issues such as:

  • removing academic bars
  • AAS degree planning
  • advising audits
  • questions about double majoring
  • questions about other courses or majors at the College of Liberal Arts
  • fulfilling your College of Liberal Arts degree requirements

To contact Othell Ballage, please call (512) 471-4271 to make an appointment, go to GEB 2.306 to visit in person, or email at

Advising Audits

One of the best tools for advising is an advising audit. This is a computer-generated list of all your classes, as they apply to your degree plan.

You may also create and view your audits online using IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit. This option is available at all UT computers which have utACCESS, and you may also access IDA via ROSE.

AAS Advising bars are not disciplinary measures:

They are simply a tool used to ensure students who can best benefit from advising actually take the time to come to the advising office. Advising bars are placed on your record just before registration. To get an advising bar removed, you must come in person for advising in the advising office or email/phone requesting that they be removed. For more information regarding advising bars please contact Othell Ballage.

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