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The Warfield Center is proud to be the home of two collections of art. One collection is associated with the Isese Gallery, which holds paintings by a number of artists from Texas and elsewhere. The other collection is the African Art Collection, which is an 800+ piece collection of art and artifacts from more than 40 ethnic groups from the African continent.

The Warfield Center’s Contemporary Art Collection is fully accessible and searchable via DASE (Digital Archive Services) Collection. DASE is part of the Department of Art & Art History’s Visual Resources and is a research and reference facility accessible with a UT eid and password. Material on the DASE site may be used for educational purposes by current faculty, students, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin. DASE provides access to materials, licensed or otherwise, for which owners other than the University of Texas at Austin hold the copyright. Simply type ‘Warfield’ into the DASE search box. You’ll see not only the works themselves – paintings, sculpture, and prints – but invaluable detailed views of the works as well. Below are examples of works in the Warfield Center’s Contemporary Art Collection. Mark Doroba took the photographs and full details of these and other works can be found on DASE. 

Please click on the 'Isese Gallery' and 'African Art Collection' tabs for more information about these collections.

Rainha do Mar

Werllayne Nunes (b. Brazil)

Rainha do Mar (2009)


26" x 18"

Doings and Undoings (Church Pew Girl)

Tonya Engel (b. Houston, TX.)

Doings and Undoings (Church Pew Girl) (2002)


41-7/8" x 32"

Voices of the Revolution

Edith Jaffy Kaplan (1919-1995, b. Philadelphia, PA.)

Voices of the Revolution (from the series An Anthology of Poems With Historical Notes) (1967)


15" x 18-13/16"

Generations (half state) 30

Paul F. Keene, Jr. (1920- 2009, b. Philadelphia, PA.)

Generations (half state) (1996)


22" x 29-7/8"


Daniel Alexander Jones (b. 1970, Springfield, MA.)  

Portrait of Dr. Constance E. Berkley (1990)


40" x 36"

(on loan to UT Warfield Center Contemporary Art Collection)

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