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CMAS-Benson Research Fellows (Summer 2014)

Maggie Benson14
Maggie Elmore

Ph.D. Candidate, History, University of California, Berkeley

Project Title: CMAS-Benson Fellowship Project Title: "The Catholic Church, the State, and Ethnic Mexicans in the U.S Southwest, 1924-1986"

Maritiza - Benson14

Maritza Cardena

Assistant Professor, EnglishUniversity of Arizona
Project Title: In TransNation: Central American Culture in the US Dispora


Silvia Mendoza

Ph.D. Candidate, Education, Culture & Society, University of Utah
Project Title: Searching for a Nuevo Humanism: A chicana Feminist Approaches Latina/o Elementary Youth 


Claire Massey

Ph.D. Candidate, American Cultural Studies, Universität des Saarlandes
Project Title: Chicanos/as in Space: Juan Bruce-Novoa and the Librotraficante 


Trevor Boffone

Ph.D. Candidate, Hispanic Studies, University of Houston
Project Title: Bridging Women in Mexican American Theater from Villalongín to Tafolla (1848-2014) 

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