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Dennis Darling

Professor MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dennis Darling



Home Department: School of Journalism

Education: M.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago; BVA Georgia State University

Research interests:
Photography & design. WWII, Holocaust Studies, Terezin Ghetto, Prague

Courses taught:
Com 316 Photographic Communication
J 336 Visual Design
J311 Reporting Images

J370 Prague Summer Abroad Program

CZ 324 • Tumultuous Cen, 1880-1990-Cze

87735 • Summer 2010
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Class Meetings: Times are to be announced.  Dates are May 22 to July 3, 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Instructor: Dr. Dennis Darling (512) 471-1973


Course description: One of the most dramatic and accessible periods of Czech history is the century-long period that encompasses the cultural and political happenings between the parameters of the 1880’s and 1980’s.  During this roughly 100-year period, Czech politics and achievements in literature, art, architecture, music and cinema have a truly unique stamp.  In this course we will study these accomplishments both in the classroom and on site visits that will be documented digitally by camera and digital tape.


Texts: There is no official single textbook for the course.  You will be required to read a number of books and papers that review a number of photographic books or portfolios that cover the weekly topics.  Because of the short nature of the summer semester, some of the readings will be required to be read before you depart for Prague. 


Grading and requirements: An assignment will be designed for each weekly topic.  There will be no final project required.  Each of the 6 projects will be graded on the normal numerical 1-100 scale.  All 6 assignments will be given equal weight.  A 7th grade will be given for attendance, class participation and on-time performance.  Grades from the 7 scores will be averaged to arrive at the final grade of the course.


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