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Michael Craig Hillmann

Professor , The University of Chicago, M.A. 1969, Ph.D. 1974; Texas State University, M.A. 1997

Michael Craig Hillmann


REE 320 • Dari, Farsi, & Tajiki Persian

45155 • Spring 2011
Meets TTH 930am-1100am UTC 3.120
(also listed as PRS 329 )
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This new DFT Persian Course (DFT stands for Dari, Farsi, and Tajiki Persian) consists of an integrated syllabus in shich students begin their study of the Persian language with basic Tajiki Persian reading (in Cyrillic script) and listening, and proceed to the study of Elementary Farsi reading (in Perso-Arabic script), listening, and speaking and Dari Persian listening and reading. They finish the course with survival skills in Persian reading, listening, and speaking and with preparedness to continue the study of Dari, Farsi, or tajiki Persian on their own in self-study or to take an Intermediate, Dari, Farsi, or Tajiki course.

The DFT Persian Course has no prerequisites and does not fulfill any foreign language requirements. DFT Persian emphasizes elementary level reading and listening skills. The course covers the essentials of Persian grammar and presents and practices upwards of 1,500 vocabulary items through exposure to authentic written and spoken texts. By the end of the course, students have listening and reading skills to handle survival situations in Persian.



A Beginner's Guide to Tajiki, Azim Bayzoev and John Hayward; Tajiki Textbook and Reader (2003), Michael Craig Hillmann; Basic Tajiki Word List (2003), Michael Craig Hillmann; and Tajiki: An Elementary Textbook (two volumes), Nasrullo Khojayori, along with accompanying audio cassette tapes or CDs and DVD materials for all texts in course textbooks. Syllabus units for Farsi Persian come from Persian Reading and Writing (2009), Michael Craig Hillmann, while syllabus units on Dari Persian come from am unpublished archive of authentic written and spoken tests.



Daily dictation exercises   10%

Daily review exercises   40%

Daily listening, reading, and speaking activities   25%

Final review test   25%

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