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Lisa Moore Interim, Director 2505 University Avenue, A4900, Burdine Hall 536, Austin Texas 78712 • 512-471-5765

Kathryn Hansen

Associate Faculty Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Kathryn Hansen



Research Interests: The history of theatrical practices in South Asia, gender and performance, South Asian literary and cultural studies (modern period), South Asian (Hindi, Urdu), diaspora, ethnicity, and immigration

Courses taught:

Undergraduate: Senior Seminar: Asian Theatre, Drama, and Performance; Hindi Literature in the Nationalist Era; Hindi Drama and Film

Graduate: Identity at the Margins of Hindi Fiction (Hindi); Theatre, Gender, and Performance in South Asia; Hindi Literature in the Nationalist Era (1920s-40s) (Hindi); Theatre and Drama in South Asia; Folklore and Oral Performance of South Asia; Hindi Drama and Film



Research online

Grounds for Play: The Nautanki Theatre of North India

Staging Composite Culture: Nautanki and Parsi Theatre in Recent Revivals

Ritual Enactments in a Hindi 'Mythological': Betab's Mahabharat in Parsi Theatre

Languages on Stage: Linguistic Pluralism and Community Formation in the 19th-Century Parsi Theatre

Making Women Visible: Gender and Race Cross-Dressing in the Parsi Theatre

The Virangana in North Indian History, Myth and Popular Culture

Stri Bhumika: Female Impersonators and Actresses on the Parsi Stage

Classical Dance Re-Emerges in Pakistan

Parsi Theatre and the City: Locations, Patrons, Audiences

Parsi Theater, Urdu Drama, and the Communalization of Knowledge: A Bibliographic Essay

Indian Folk Traditions and the Modern Theatre

Sultana the Dacoit and Harishchandra: Two Popular Dramas of the Nautanki Tradition of North India

Renu's Regionalism: Language and Form

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