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Mary Beltrán

Associate Faculty Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Associate Professor



Mary Beltrán is an Assistant Professor of Radio-Television-Film, specializing in critical race studies and television and film studies. She also is a faculty affiliate of UT's Center for Mexican American Studies and Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. She joined the RTF faculty in Fall 2011 after having served as an Assistant and Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies at the University of Wisconsin for eight years.


The construction of race, gender, and class in U.S. television, film, and celebrity culture, with emphasis onLatina/o and mixed-race representation, and the ways in which media texts and producers articulate and challenge social hierarchies and group and national identities. Critical and cultural studies of television and film, feminist media studies, U.S. television and film history, celebrity studies, media activism and alternative media.

WGS 393 • Latina Feminisms And Media

48230 • Spring 2014
Meets W 200pm-500pm CMA 6.172
(also listed as MAS 392 )
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This graduate seminar surveys Chicana and Latina feminist scholarship, activism, and creative expression, with an emphasis on media production.  We will explore the rise and development of Latina feminisms and activism in relation to the Chicana/o, Puerto Rican, and U.S. women’s movements and in relation to historical and social contexts for women and girls of Mexican American and other U.S. Latina heritage.  The last half of the course will survey scholarship on Latina participation and representation in mediated popular culture and strategies of resistance enacted through Latina film and media production.  

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