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Featured Speakers



Hope Fitzgerald, M.A.
Foreign Language Education, University of Texas

Lecturer, Department of Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic Flagship Program
Former Director of the UT Arabic Summer Institute


Hope Fitzgerald is a lecturer in Arabic language at UT and previously taught at the University of Iowa. She teaches Arabic language courses at all levels; courses previously taught include 1st-3rd year Arabic, Advanced Media Arabic, and "The Modern Arab City." Hope received her MA in Foreign Language Education from UT in 2008. She has participated in several projects to assess foreign language proficiency, including annotations to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines and the development of a national Arabic online proficiency exam in listening and reading.



Nancy Guilloteau, Ph.D.
French Linguistics with concentration in Second Language Acquisition, University of Texas

Lecturer and Language Program Director, Department of French and Italian

Dr. Nancy Guilloteau is the Language Program Director in the Department of French and Italian at the University of Texas at Austin. She specializes in curriculum development, assessment, and graduate instructor training and supervision. She is one of the three faculty developers and authors of the open access web-based French curriculum, Français interactif. She was also a faculty contributer to the COERLL Foreign Language Teaching Methods modules and CTL's "Preparing College Teachers" online modules. She is a graduate of the University of Texas, where she received her Ph.D. in 1995 French Linguistics, with a concentration in Second Language Acquisition.




Karen Kelton, MLS

Library and Information Science, University of Texas

Senior Lecturer, Department of French and Italian  
rogram Manager, Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning

Karen Kelton is the Programs Manager in the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of French and Italian. She supervises FR 611C and directs the UT Summer Program in Lyon, France. Curriculum development has been the focus of her career at UT, in particular, building Tex's French Grammar and Français interactif with colleagues for UT's first year on-line French program. She was the project manager for Grimm Grammar, Deutsch im Blick, and Chansons Françaises. She is currently working on an initiative in COERLL to lower textbook prices through print-on-demand publishing.



 Per Urlaub

Per Urlaub, Ph.D.
German Studies, Stanford University

Assistant Professor and Langauge Program Director, Department of Germanic Studies


Per Urlaub received his Ph.D in Germanic Studies from Stanford University. He is a lower-level language coordinator in the Department of Germanic Studies, where he teaches German and pedagogy, including SLA theory for pre-service language instructors, and plays an active role in strengthening the German curriculum by balancing the foci of linguistic and cultural proficiency. He is currently researching the contribution of documentary film to transcultural literacy and the development of intercultural competence in study abroad contexts. He is interested in language learning technology, second language reading process, reading development, and the nature of understanding in second language acquisition.



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