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Dr. Kumaravadivelu Abstract

Forging the future of language education: transforming the teaching Self

It is my contention that (a) language teachers can use their developing knowledge systems effectively only if they recognize the teaching Self that they bring with them to the classroom, and that (b) they can make sense of their own teaching Self only if they continually interrogate, understand, and transform their own identities. What is, however, complicating the (re)construction of the teaching Self is the on-going process of cultural globalization that is effectively challenging the traditional notions of identity formation of an individual or of a nation.  

Taking these contentions as points of departure, I briefly outline in this talk two narratives of identity formation – modernism and postmodernism – and argue that a third – globalism – is fast emerging as a crucial factor in identity formation. I argue that the unfolding and the unfailing impact of globalilsm has a huge impact on the shaping of the teaching Self, and consequently, the practice of everyday teaching.  


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