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Graduate Program Resources for AADS Faculty

General Information

Graduate Program Handbook (updated 10-20-2014)

Important Dates: 2014-2015 Long Session Calendar (link to registrar's website)

Important Dates: 2014-2015 Graduate School List (link to Office of Graduate Studies' website)

Advising Students

Degree Requirements and Plans: MA, PhD without MA, PhD with MA

Explanation of Degree Requirements: Terminal MA , PhD

Course Lists By Semester (updated 02/10/15)

- Fall 2015: Outside Methods

- Fall 2015: AADS Course Areas

MA Students: Master's Report Guidelines

PhD Students: Guidelines for Qualifying Exams

Professional Development

AADS doctoral students are required to participate in professional development activities including the following: 

  • Submission of an article to a scholarly journal

  • Attendance of two job talks

  • Participation in a minimum of two AADS/WCAAAS/IUPRA activities each year enrolled in the AADS graduate program

  • Presentation of a paper at a minimum of two professional conferences while matriculating in the AADS graduate program

  • Submission of two fellowship applications prior to graduation. 

Funding Handout from Student Meeting on October 6, 2014

Select List of Funding Sources and Due Dates

AADS Professional Development Funding Application

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