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1st Year Yoruba I [YOR 506}
1st Year Yoruba II [YOR 507]
2nd Year Yoruba I [YOR 312K]
2nd Year Yoruba II [YOR 312L]

*All language courses are taught by Dr. Fehintola Mosadomi and Dr. Omoniyi Afolabi.  The language courses must be taken in sequence in order to obtain Foreign Language credit.  Restrictions apply for upper division courses.

History & Politics

Afro-Caribbean Diaspora [SPN 349 /SPN 375] - Dr. Arroyo Martinez
This course examines themes such as gender, sexualities and identity politics, socio-political agency, resistance and negotiation in the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. The course is taught in Spanish (SPN 375) one semester and in English (SPN349) the next.

Nigerian History [HIS 350L] - Dr. Falola
This course examines the Yoruba as part of the conglomerates of Nigerian ethnicities.

Culture & Religion

Yoruba Performance [T D 387D] - Dr. Jones
Study praise poetry, Egungun masquerade and Yoruba Popular Traveling theatre through readings and productions.

Yoruba Women in Historical Context [AFR 317C] - Dr. Mosadomi
This course will explore gender construction in Yoruba -land. Through the analysis of religious, linguistics, and socio-political discourse and practices among the Yoruba, the course will examine the variables between the realities of African gender perspectives and current gender theories.

Afro-Luso-Brazilian Worlds [AFR 374] - Dr. Afolabi
This is a general introduction to the "portuguese commonwealth" through the notion of Luso-Tropicalism as used to claim harmonious relations among people of the lusophone world.  Through culture, literature, and history, the course problematizes this relationship by highlighting the tensions, commonalities, and contrasts.

Diaspora Visions [ARH 374A] - Dr. Okediji
Class explores the visual cultures of the African diasporas, focusing on the spread of Yoruba art forms from Africa to the Americas and Europe.

African Art ARH 374B - Dr. Okediji
A survey of art forms in Africa from indigenous to contemporary expressions, focusing on the visual cultures of Yoruba people,

Africana Women's Art [ARH 374C] - Dr. Okediji
A survey of the creative productions of Africana women artists from indigenous to contemporary expressions, with special attention to the works of Yoruba women artists.

Egungun Performance and Museum Studies [ARH 374D] - Dr. Okediji
An exploration of Egungun art objects among Yoruba people, focusing on the challenges of performance, diplays, and presentation of these sacred objects in the context of secular museum galleries.

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