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Majoring in American Studies

What is American Studies?

Great question! American Studies is always changing and can accommodate almost any interest or idea. Our students study everything from American history and literature to fashion, television and the Green Movement. The only thing common to all American Studies work is a critical engagement with American culture. If you can dream it up, there’s probably a place for it in American Studies.

What are some American Studies classes?

Great sample classes include: Animals in American Culture; American Food; Immigrants, Amusements and Consumer Culture; Drugs and Alcohol in American Culture; Children’s Literature and American Culture; The Culture of Cities; The Beats and American Culture, 1945-1990; Black Americans and the South.  For detailed course descriptions visit:

What can I do with a degree in American Studies?

Almost anything!! Because American Studies is so broad, it’s great preparation for work or graduate school. In recent years, our students have gone on to exciting careers in law, advertising, politics, business and the non-profit sector. Others work right here at UT! American Studies continues to produce an expanding group of successful Americans at the tops of their fields.

Really? But I don’t even know any American Studies majors…

Oh, really? Ever heard of Katie Couric? Tom Wolfe? Maria Shriver? Even President Bartlett from NBC’s The West Wing had an undergraduate degree in American Studies!

What are some GREAT REASONS to choose American Studies?

Every American Studies major has his/her own story. Which one describes you?

  • The Generalist: You’ve been at UT a few semesters, and it’s time to choose a major…but everything seems so interesting! How can you possibly pick just one?! Major in American Studies, and you can take classes on just about anything. 
  • The Specialist: You know what you’re into, and you’re ready to get moving. American Studies lets you drill down and look at your favorite topic from as many different angles as possible. Who knows? Maybe you’ll write the next great senior thesis!
  • Double Trouble: You’ve already got a great major, but you’ve also got a bunch of random, extra classes on the side. Why not put them to use? You might be already close to an American Studies double major!  
  • It’s Personal: Whether it’s the sport you love to play, the town you grew up in, or your personal background or culture, American Studies is the place to study what you love, who you are, and where you’ve come from. I bet you never thought you could take a class on that!
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