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In The Department

Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Ph.D. Graduates!

We would like to extend our congratulations and fondest wishes for success in future endeavors to our graduate students who completed Ph.D. programs in 2015!

  • Barbara Abadia-Rexach (Social)
  • Katherine Bannar-Martin (Biological)
  • Calvin Johns (Cultural Forms)
  • Jogendro Kshetrimayum (Social)
  • Lynn Selby (Social)

Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Graduates!

The following students have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Anthropology.

  • Evan Andreolli
  • Marc Bachan
  • Nicole Bagley
  • Madison Brooks
  • Anissa Capuchino with Honors
  • Nathan Carmichael with Highest Honors and Special Honors in Classical Archaeology
  • Jonathan Contreras
  • Megan Crocker
  • Schuyler Dale
  • Cassie Davis
  • Steven Duchin
  • Kathleen Edinburgh
  • Travis Elliott with High Honors
  • Steven Evans with Honors and Special Honors in Anthropology
  • Emma Garcia with High Honors
  • Marlene Garcia
  • Melissa Geisler
  • Catherine Glauser
  • Emily Rose Glickman with High Honors and Special Honors in Latin American Studies
  • Katherine Guillory
  • Keziah Haley
  • Jacob Henderson
  • Guadalupe C. Hinojo-Aguirre
  • Loraine Hoane with Highest Honors and Liberal Arts Honors
  • Hillary Howorth with Honors
  • Christie Huber
  • Maira Jorge
  • Caroline Juarez
  • Hannah Kemp
  • Ryan Kober
  • Shannon Lackey
  • Jessica Lerma
  • Caleb Luna
  • Choyette Mahtab with Special Honors in Women's and Gender Studies
  • Katelyn Martin
  • Vincent Martinez
  • Evelyn Morgan
  • Truc Thanh Nguyen
  • Celeste Ortuno
  • Daisy Pavia
  • Shannon Perdue
  • Joshua Quinn
  • Amy Rattananinad with Honors
  • Maria Renteria with Special Honors in Social Work
  • John Henry Roenigk
  • Susannah Kathleen Rogers
  • Lisa Ashley Simpson
  • Olivia Starich with Honors and Special Honors in Anthropology
  • Amanda Steinwedel
  • Coleman Tharpe with High Honors, Liberal Arts Honors, and Special Honors in Radio-Television-Film
  • Elissa Thompson
  • Paula Toro
  • Priya Uthuph
  • Paul Viola with Special Honors in Anthropology
  • Kristin Wenske
  • Kelsey White
  • Amy Wright

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