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Suggested Reading

Exemplaria, Surface, Symptom & the State of Critique

suggested reading: Representations (Fall 2009) Special Issue: The Way We Read Now

Stephen Best and Sharon Marcus, “Surface Reading: An Introduction” Representations 108 (2009): 1-21 

Christopher Nealon, “Reading on the Left, 22-50. 

Margaret Cohen, “Narratology in the Archive of Literature,” 51-75 

Mary Thomas Crane, “ Surface, Depth, and the Spatial Imaginary,” 76-97 

Anne Cheng, “Skins, Tattoos, and Susceptibility,” 98-110 

Leah Price, "From The History of the Book to a 'History of the Book'," 120-138

Emily Apter and Elaine Freedgood, Afterword,139-46

Other related essays:

Ellen Rooney, “Live Free or Describe: The Reading Effect and the Persistence of Form” differences 21.3 (2010):112-39

Timothy Bewes, “Reading with the Grain,” differences 20.1 (2009):87-101

Anne Cheng, “Psychoanalysis without Symptoms” differences 20.1 (2009); 87-101 

Heather Love, "Close but not Deep: Literary Ethics and the Descriptive Turn," NLH 41 (2010): 371-91

Bruno Latour, “Has Critique Run out of Steam?” Critical Inquiry 30 (2004): 225-48 and in the same issue Fredric Jameson, “Symptoms of Theory or Symptoms for Theory, 403-8.

Franco Moretti, Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for Literary History (Verso, 2007) and "Conjectures on World Literature" New Left Review (2000).  

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