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Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

In Restoration and Eighteenth-century British Literature, faculty members examine early modern science and its cultural contexts (Hedrick); relations between cultural theory and popular writing (Bertelsen); neoclassical poetics and genre theory (Garrison); Black literary discourse and materialist theory (Woodard); gender, sexuality and transatlantic approaches (Moore); problems of representation in Enlightenment philosophy and aesthetics (Barnouw, Cooper); deconstructionist and historicist accounts of romantic lyric, autobiography, genre theory, georgic, allegory and romantic cultural poetics (Cooper, K. Heinzelman); law and literature (S. Heinzelman); print culture and book history (Barchas, Bertelsen); Milton during the Restoration and Augustan Age (Rumrich); and the novel as an emerging genre (Barchas, S. Heinzelman, Moore).


  • Barchas, Janine
  • Bertelsen, Lance
  • Cooper, Andrew
  • Garrison, James
  • Hedrick, Elizabeth
  • Heinzelman, Kurt
  • Heinzelman, Susan
  • Moore, Lisa
  • Rumrich, John
  • Woodard, Helena

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Graduate students and faculty who are preparing for a field exam, please visit the Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature field exam reading list.

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