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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • Admin: 512-471-4991 & Advising: 512-471-5736

TA/AI Employee Checklist

As a TA/AI, you are an employee of the University of Texas and will have to complete a number of administrative forms and tasks in order to be paid and receive all of your employee and TA/AI benefits. Please use this checklist to help guide you through the process.

My First Day on campus


Get my ID card and high-assurance EID at the ID Center [in person].

NOTE: This is a very important step! A high-assurance EID is required to access most online services.

Paycheck Profile

Complete My Paycheck Profile [online] (PO-8, W-4, paycheck distribution, etc.).

Employment Eligibility Verification

Complete and return Section 1 of an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form).

NOTE: Identification and work eligibility documents must be provided to Amy in the English Grad Office by my third work day.

Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement (in-state tuition)

Non-residents of Texas must complete a Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement [online] in order to reduce your tuition bill to the resident amount.  You must complete this form every semester.

Tuition and attendance confirmation

You must confirm your attendance and your fee bill by Tuesday, September 2, 2014 by 5PM, or your registration will be cancelled, you will be dropped from lose your classes, and have to pay a late registration fee to add them again.

SSN Acknowledgment

Acknowledge the SSN Policy Statement containing the guidelines for reducing the use, display and disclosure of SSNs [online].

Ethics Statement

Acknowledge the Ethics Statement [online].

Selective Service

If I am a male, fill out and return to Amy in the English Grad Office a Selective Service Eligibility and Verification Form [PDF].

If I am a male between 18 and 25 years of age, also provide my verification:

Print a copy of my verification [online].

I haven't registered yet. [register online]

Nepotism Statement

List any relatives employeed by the University of Texas and return the form to Amy in the English Grad Office [in person].

My First Week

Employee Information

Complete my employee biographical information [online].

Complete my Veteran Status [online].

Grad Student Employee Insurance Orientation

If I am benefits eligible, register for Grad Student Employee Orientation [optional] to learn about UT and the various insurance and retirement forms.

NOTE: I must make my insurance selections and return my completed forms to HRSC within my first 31 calendar days of employment.

Compliance Training

Begin my Compliance Training [online].

The Sexual Harassment and Equal Employment Opportunity modules are mandated by the state.

The remaining modules are required by UT Austin.

For alternate methods of taking the training, call the Compliance Training Coordinator at 232-7842.

Employee Compliance Guide

Read the Employee Compliance Guide.

Supervising Professor Meeting

Meet with my professor about my duties as a TA and discussion section assignments.

E-mail Account

Sign up for my free e-mail [online].


Pick up my key(s) [in person in the Service Building]. You'll need the key request form, provided by Patricia in the English Grad Office.

Getting to campus

Check out transportation options or get a parking permit [in person] through the Parking & Transportation office.

My First Month

Insurance Forms

If I am benefits eligible, return my completed insurance and retirement forms to HRSC.

NOTE: If I do not return the forms within my first 31 calendar days, I will default into the Basic Coverage Package.

Compliance Training

Complete my Compliance Training [online].

Check your Personal Information Status page [UT EID required] to verify that you have completed your paycheck profile, employment eligibility verification, SSN acknowledgement, ethics statement, selective service verification, employee information, compliance training, and timesheet reporting group.

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