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Technology Services

Below are a few links to help you explore computing services at UT. It is not an all-encompassing list but this should get you started. 

UT EID - Your password to secure services. Put "get high-assurance EID" at the top of your to-do list after arriving on campus.

UTmail - Your UT email. Set this up next and send the English Grad Office your new address.

UT Direct - Your personalize portal to UT services.

ITS Help Desk - Free computer consulting.

ITS Services & Solutions - Information Technology Services & Solutions is a collection of links to IT Resources available on the UT Austin campus.

UT EID. Your UT EID is an electronic identifier that will allow you to use secure services which require you to identify yourself, for example UT Direct.  You must be a UT Austin student, faculty or staff member, or be otherwise affiliated with UT Austin in order to have a UT EID.

Where do I get my UT EID?
Everyone is assigned a UT EID when they become affiliated with UT Austin. For example, students are assigned UT EIDs when they are admitted and faculty and staff receive theirs when they are hired.

In order to use your UT EID you must "activate" your UT EID. At that time you may choose to keep the default name as your UT EID or you may make up your own UT EID. You must also choose a password when you claim your UT EID. Once you have claimed your UT EID and chosen your password, your UT EID is ready to use.

If you do not know your UT EID or you have not activated it yet, go to the UT EID Help Suite. Once you have found your UT EID the system will guide you through activating it. It will ask questions about your position at the university and what type of information you have to identify yourself. Different university positions require different types of identifying information.

If you know your UT EID, the UT EID Help Suite will assist you in changing your EID, maintaining your password, and upgrading your security level.

UTmail. UTmail provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated e-mail address in the domain. Those who opt-in to the service can choose their e-mail address and have 25+ GB of e-mail storage. In addition, UTmail provides e-mail for life.

It is recommended that you get a UTmail account while at UT. For simplicity, it is also recommended (but not required) that your email address be in the form of This will makes it easier for other people to remember you email address.

To activate your mailbox, go directly to

UT Direct. UT Direct provides students a personalize web portal with easy and convenient access to UT-wide information (UT EID required). Some of the services available are listed below.

• Address updates in one convenient location
• Student grade history
• Student exam schedule (unique and dynamic
for each student)
• Student schedule of classes
• Biographical information page, updateable
• Academic calendars
• Assigned registration dates, times, bar information
• Course schedule and class availability
• Degree audits, including "what if" options
• Advising resources
• Financial summary page with online credit-card
payment options
• Tuition and fees
• Status of UT payments to students and staff
• Library services, including online catalog,
overdue notices, and online assistance
• Financial aid, including application and
processing status, awards, and funds
• Scholarship applications and job bank
• Course instructor surveys
• Computer account claiming
• Class Web sites

Access UT Direct

ITS Help Desk. The ITS Help Desk should normally be your first stop when you need help with campus computing. Whether you want access to the Internet, have forgotten your password, or just have a question about using your computer, they can help you free of charge. Help Desk staff can:

  • Help you set up a new IF account for Internet access on campus and at home.
  • Help you get Internet access and electronic mail.
  • Assist you in obtaining and using Bevoware to install useful software and improve security on your computer.
  • Help you reset a password you've forgotten.
  • Answer questions about desktop computers, Unix and OpenVMS.
  • Help you select a training course to suit your needs.
  • Make appointments for you with systems consultants.
  • Make appointments for you with applications consultants.
  • Help you find other campus computing service providers.


Location: Flawn Academic Center (FAC) (between the Union and the Tower)
Phone: (512) 475-9400

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