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February 2015: while dated, this packet of materials is still relevant, and can help you prepare for your job search.

General Handout (opens pdf)
Advice and guidelines for writing a CV, letters of application, a précis, a teaching portfolio, and a teaching statement. Includes samples.

MLA Guidelines and Advice for Job Candidates and Hiring Departments (opens pdf: reprinted from MLA-JIL)
This link will automatically download a document compiled by MLA in 2003. It contains some good checklists, advice, market overviews, and official guidelines.

MLA Job Interviews (opens pdf: reprinted from MLA-JIL)
Suggested preparation and strategies for an interview at the MLA.

List of Censured Administration by the AAUP
Investigations by the American Association of University Professors of the administrations of these institutions show that, as evidenced by a past violation, they are not observing the generally recognized principles of academic freedom and tenure...

The Job Search: Observations of a Reader of 177 Letters of Application
A letter of application is one of the most important letters a new PhD will ever write. With English departments flooded by applications for each rare opening, a candidate needs to make a positive impression from the very first paragraph...

The Protocols of the Job Search
Another discussion of what to expect in a job interview.

The Inappropriate Question
Suggestions on how to handle questions that should not be asked in a job interview.

What Search Committees Want
...To shed some light on the demand side of the hiring process, we offer the results of a survey that sought answers to the following questions: How do English departments conduct a typical search? What kinds of professional qualifications do committees expect from candidates? Is a publication record really more important than teaching experience? How significant are interpersonal skills? What egregious errors kill a candidacy?...

"When Do I Knock on the Hotel Room Door?": The MLA Convention Job Interview
More advice for the MLA job interview.

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