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Altina Hoti

Altina Hoti


  • Phone: 401-924-4771
  • Office: HRH 4.176
  • Office Hours: Mondays 11-1 and by appointment
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Catholic and Muslim religious orders and nineteenth-century Albanian nation-state formation, Ottoman literature, gender and science in early-modern Venice, Italian neorealist films, gender discourse and violence in 20th century film.

ITL 611C • Intermediate Italian

36250 • Spring 2015
Meets MWF 1100am-1200pm BEN 1.108
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ITL 611 C                              COURSE DESCRIPTION                         Spring 2015

Multi-section course



~Students will use the same texts as in ITL 601 C:

Aski, Musumeci. Avanti! Beginning Italian, 3rd Edition

Includes Avanti, 3/e Loose-Leaf (same as ITL 601C’s)


Adorni. English Grammar for Students of Italian (same as ITL 601C’s)

~Students will purchase only the following new material:

Packet of Xerox-copied material-University Coop (new)

Avant STAMP assessment (new)



In this course, students will expand the skills they acquired in ITL 601C and by the end of ITL 611C, students will

• Be able to carry on more advanced conversations in Italian with good pronunciation, using all the verb tenses and moods learned in ITL 601C and ITL 611C;

• Possess an increased working vocabulary;

• Understand and be able to discuss more sophisticated cultural topics;

• Read and understand longer essays and authentic Italian literary texts;

• Write increasingly longer compositions in Italian using grammatically correct prose.



Five Tests                                                                                          25%

Oral Exam (administered individually)                                                  5%

Final Exam                                                                                        15%

Five Compositions (three with re-write)                                               12%

Three Skits (presented in groups)                                                        9%

Digital Story (digital story video presented in groups,

written --5%-- & oral --5%-- components)                                          10%

Online Workbook                                                                               10%

Class Participation                                                                             14%



Class time will be devoted primarily to developing speaking and comprehension skills in the target language; this will be done primarily through group activities and students will be active participants in the learning process. In order to make the most effective use of class time, students are required to have prepared the assigned homework for each given day; students should expect to spend at least 12 hours every week for homework; that is at least TWO hours every day. This course is for students of Italian who have successfully completed ITL 601C at UT-Austin (with at least a C); consult with your instructor and the undergraduate advisor for the Department of French and Italian if your previous experience with Italian does not include successful completion of ITL 601C.





In ITL 611 C, students pick up where they left off at the end of ITL 601C and study the six final chapters of the textbook Avanti!, do the exercises on the online workbook that accompanies Avanti! (Connect and LearnSmart) and read English Grammar for Students of Italian as a grammar reference, at home and, if possible, in class. In addition, ITL 611C makes use of other resources:

-  The online Italian grammar and culture podcasts of Radio Arlecchino, which will deepen students’ understanding of several of the more difficult grammar points that we will cover in the course. Students are responsible to read Radio Arlecchino’s pdf files --where the presentations of grammatical structures in English can be found-- and are encouraged to listen to Radio Arlecchino’s podcasts;

-  Modules of ITAL (Packet): each module consists of several videos that we will use to enhance listening, speaking, and writing skills and expand knowledge of Italian culture;

-  Readings (Packet) to improve reading skills. Toward the end of the semester, students will work on an additional reading that the instructor will make available to them in Blackboard or Canvas. In the Packet, students will also find additional exercises on the grammatical structures presented in the textbook Avanti!


ITL 601C • Beginning Italian

37160 • Fall 2014
Meets MWF 1000am-1100am BEN 1.108
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ITL 601 C – Italian Language and Culture                                                         Spring 2014

                          Multi-section course





Required:   Aski, Musumeci – Avanti! Second edition with Quia online Workbook/Lab


Required:   Adorni- English Grammar for Students of Italian (to be purchased separately)


Please watch this video with (sweet) study tips for ITL 601 C: 




In ITL 601 C, students will study eleven of the sixteen chapters of the textbook Avanti!, do the exercises on the online workbook that accompanies Avanti! and read English Grammar for Students of Italian as a grammar reference, at home and, if possible, in class.  

By the end of ITL 601 C, students will:


  • be able to carry on a conversation in Italian with good pronunciation, using all
  • the verbal tenses and moods learned in ITL 601 C;
  • possess a sizeable vocabulary;
  • be capable of understanding and discussing simple cultural topics;
  • read short essays;
  • write short compositions in Italian using grammatically correct prose.


Class time will be primarily developing the ability to speak and understand the target language and group activities will be largely used; students will be active participants in the learning process. Since class time must be devoting to practicing the Italian language, students are required to have prepared the assigned homework for each given day; students should expect to spend at least 12 hours every week for homework. This course is for beginner students of Italian; if you have been already exposed to the Italian language, you should take a placement test in accordance with the UT policies on academic dishonesty.




(1)    Four Chapter Tests                                                                                     20%

(2)    Final Exam                                                                                                   20%  

(3)    Portfolio: Compositions, written first draft oral report,

         dialogues, weekly activities and projects                                                25%

(4)    Oral Report on Italian Culture                                                                 10%

(5)    Attendance, Class Participation,

         General Oral Performance, Skits                                                              15%                                                                                

(6)    Online Workbook/Lab Manual                                                               10%





(1) Four Tests on grammar and vocabulary- There will be four chapter tests during

the semester, one every two chapters. All will have listening comprehension and written exercises.


(2) Final Exam- The final exam will be comprehensive with focus on the vocabulary

and grammatical structured presented in the last three chapters. The final exam will

test students’ reading, writing, and listening skills in addition to vocabulary and grammar.


(3) Portfolio- It will contain the following:

Four Compositions: There will be a total of 4 compositions: three will be written at

home - one of which will be revised-  and the last one will be written in class.

Composition # 3 will be revised: students will have the opportunity to make

corrections according to the instructor’s indications on the first draft; the average of the

grade received on the first draft and the grade received on the last version will be the

final grade for Composition # 3.

The topic of the last three compositions will generate from songs chosen by the

instructor or the students; the lyrics of the song, as well as a video, for the last composition (#4)

will be presented in class by the instructor one day prior to the day on which it will

be written in class .

Written first draft of the oral report on culture (see Oral Report on Italian Culture)

Dialogues: Students will write every week short dialogues focusing on the new vocabulary and grammatical structures and will collaborate with classmates in writing them. Some of them, the longer skits, will be presented in class.

Activities/Projects: During the semester, the instructor will give information about activities/projects that students must include in their portfolio on a weekly base.


(4) Oral Report on Italian Culture: Students, divided in groups, will present to the class an oral report: its topics will be chosen among the many cultural notes presented by the first 11 chapters of the textbook Avanti! and presented to the class as a slideshow or through visual aids. Prior to the presentation in class, students will research on the chosen topics, work outside of class with their classmates in the group, and write a first draft.

Each group will show the instructor a first written version of the report’s script three days prior to the class presentation; the instructor will correct it and give it a cumulative grade that will be counted in the Portfolio component.

Each student in the group will receive an individual grade for the presentation, which will be based mainly on pronunciation and content, but also on accuracy in the grammar and use of proper vocabulary.

Each student is expected to speak for about five minutes.



(5) Attendance, Class Participation, General Oral Performance, and Skits:

Regular classroom attendance is essential to your success in learning Italian.

There are six (6) allowed absences, excused or unexcused.  Starting with the seventh (7th) absence the final grade will be lowered by 1% for each absence (up to 10%).


Class participation: daily preparation is also crucial in learning Italian; class participation is evaluated not only by regular classroom attendance, but alsoby the quality of each student’s participation, group activities, and contribution to the lesson. Therefore, it’s also imperative that students prepare daily for class by memorizing vocabulary, studying grammatical structures, and doing all the assigned online homework. A weekly grade based upon the student’ participation will be given and its average will represent 5% of the final grade in the course.


General Oral Performance: student’s daily performance in class; conversation, homework, dialogues, and group activities. A weekly grade based upon students’ pronunciation, fluency, accuracy in grammar, and comprehension will be given and its average will represent 5% of the final grade in the course.


Skits: Beside their daily performance in class, students will receive a grade (5% of final grade) for writing and acting out in class at least three skits throughout the semester.

Skits’ description: Each chapter of the textbook Avanti! ends with a list of the lexicon utilized in the chapter. At the beginning of Week 2, the instructor will divide the class in groups --from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 people-- and write out a calendar for every day of the week: each group will present in class and act out a brief dialogue that includes as many new words from the final chapter’s list as possible. As we move forward in the book, the length of the dialogue will increase: for example, if in Chapter 2 each student deliver five lines, in the last one, Chapter 11 each student will deliver fifteen or more.

Students will be entirely responsible for the preparation of these dialogues outside of class, utilizing the instructor’s office hours and entering the written dialogue in the portfolio. For the first dialogue, instructors will assist the students in class.

By the end of the semester, each group will have delivered at least three dialogues.

The instructor will assign a grade for each dialogue; the cumulative average will also constitute one of the grades in the class participation and in the general oral performance components.


 (6) Online Workbook/Lab Manual: Students should expect to spend at least two hours

daily on homework and class preparation.


At home, students will study the assigned pages on the textbook Avanti! prior to class,

read carefully the pertinent grammatical explanations presented by English Grammar

for Students of Italian and complete the Quia online Workbook/Lab Manual* for Avanti!

that offers self-correcting exercises and an audio program.

            *Online Workbook/Lab Manual: Centro website

Students are expected to complete the online workbook/laboratory manual exercises that pertain to the material covered in class on a daily basis. (Hint: Technology may fail you at the most inappropriate time, so do not wait the last minute to do your homework!)

You can access the activities on the Avanti! Centro website and log in with the ID which you purchased with the textbook package in the bookstore, or directly from CENTRO online. This is the least expensive way to purchase the online workbook/lab manual. The URL is:



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