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Rozen Neupane

B.S. in Mathematics, West Liberty University

2014-2015 Walther Scholar
Rozen Neupane



«… je ne suis pas revenu pour revenir

       je suis arrivé à ce qui commence »

                                                 -Gaston Miron

Rozen Neupane is a first year graduate student in French linguistics. He was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal which he describes as a wonderfully bohemian city. Rozen went to West Liberty University in West Virginia where he majored in mathematics and minored in French. At West Liberty, he tutored French and mathematics while also conducting French tables.

Rozen’s primary interest lies in socio and computational linguistics and he is fascinated by Québécois French.

During his free time, Rozen likes to watch movies, read and cook; he claims to make the best pouding au chômeur outside of Québec.



Sociolinguistics, Québécois French, phonetics/phonology, computational linguistics
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