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Doctoral Portfolio Program in Romance Studies

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Program Overview

The Doctoral  Portfolio Program in Romance Studies is a certification program that provides students with cross-disciplinary training in the literary, cultural, historical, and political dimensions of nations connected by a common linguistic heritage (e.g. Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium). Further goals are to promote greater interaction among students and faculty working in areas related to these fields and to provide increased visibility and offerings in the field on campus. The Doctoral Program in Romance Studies is supervised by a director (Marc Bizer, Ph.D., Department of French & Italian) in conjunction with an executive committee comprising six faculty representatives from participating academic units and engages faculty from across the university.

Program Requirements

In order to complete the Doctoral Portfolio Program in Romance Studies, students are required to:

  • Complete four thematically related courses, for a total of twelve credit hours in approved graduate-level courses. These twelve credit hours can include three hours from one independent study (conference course) or directed reading with an affiliated faculty member. The Portfolio Program will have two tracks depending on whether participants come from within French/Italian or Spanish/Portuguese or not. 
    1. In the first track (for doctoral students in the Departments of French & Italian and of Spanish & Portuguese), students will take 2 graduate-level courses in romance literature and/or culture programs to show proficiency in a second romance language, and 2 additional courses in complementary areas such as History, Art History, or Comparative Literature. At least 2 of the 4 courses must be from departments outside the student's home department.
    2. In the second track (for doctoral students from departments other than French & Italian or Spanish & Portuguese), students will take two graduate-level courses in a Romance literature (French/Italian or Spanish/Portuguese) and 2 additional courses in a complementary field outside of their home department.
  • Complete a capstone research project in their area of specialization, which will be presented at a departmental colloquium or an appropriate symposium or conference. The research paper will then be submitted to and approved by the executive committee.
  • Provide updates on their progress to the Department of French & Italian every semester.
  • Seek approval for their completed portfolio from the portfolio program's executive committee.

Upon graduation, the student's transcript will reflect certification that the student has completed the graduate portfolio in Romance Studies.

Eligibility and Application Process

The Doctoral Portfolio Program in Romance Studies is restricted to doctoral students but is open to students from departments with no faculty representatives in the program. Students can join the Portfolio Program at any point in their graduate career and will complete the course of study for their doctoral degree and the portfolio in the same amount of time required for completion of the doctoral degree alone. 

Romance Studies

Marc Bizer, Ph.D., 
Program Director

HRH 3.112B, Mail Code B7600
(512) 471.7780 


Catherine Jaroschy, Graduate Coordinator
HRH 2.110A, Mail Code B7600
(512) 471.5712  

List of Approved Courses

Sample Specializations

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