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Foreign Languages Studies and Careers
As political and economic issues become increasingly international in scope, there is a growing need for Americans to be competent in foreign languages. A liberal arts degree with a concentration in French or Italian can be an asset to a career in education, business, or international affairs.

French and Italian as a Primary Skill
There is a pressing need for qualified and dedicated teachers of French and Italian. Foreign languages are now taught at all levels, from elementary schools to universities. In addition, many private companies and public agencies need managers and employees who are proficient in foreign languages.

French and Italian as a Secondary Skill
The employee who can do business with a foreign customer in his or her own language will have an edge. Large and small companies are recognizing this as the global market becomes more competitive. A command of French or Italian, combined with training in business or science, may open opportunities in a variety of American companies that are active in the European Community, in Canada, in the Caribbean, or in Africa. Foreign language skills are an advantage in many research and service careers. French or Italian can be combined very effectively with studies in Art, History, Political Science, or Sociology. Many service agencies seek people who are qualified to provide services in a foreign language.

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