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Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Chair 305 E. 23rd Street • CLA 3.306 • A3100 • Austin, Tx 78712 • 512-232-1595

Niti Bhushan Mishra

PhD, University of Texas

Recently Graduated- Doctorate
Niti Bhushan Mishra



Geographic Information Science, Biogeography, Human-Environment Interactions

GRG 310C • Spatial Data And Analysis

37778 • Spring 2014
Meets TTH 930am-1100am PAR 306
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This is an entry level course that will prepare the student for higher level courses in geographic methods and techniques. The course content consists of a series of modules designed to cover topics common to courses in Cartography, Geographic Information Science, Field Techniques, and Remote Sensing of the Environment.

We will examine quantitative and qualitative methods of sampling, representing, classifying, and analyzing geographic phenomena. We will examine conceptions of temporal and spatial scale, location, distance and direction, and examine a broad range of geographic research methods. Specific topics will include earth shape, gravitational and magnetic fields, map projections, coordinate systems, surveying and navigation, measurements and errors, spatial statistics, and spatial analysis.

Classes will consist of lectures and discussions of the readings. Students will complete six exercises and three examinations. 



  • Mishra, N. B., (forthcoming May, 2014 publication), ‘Remote Sensing of Wetlands’, invited encyclopedia entry in Encyclopedia of Natural Resources (Ed Y.Q. Wang), Taylor and Francis (6090 words) (DOI: 10.1080/E-ENRL-120049156)
  • Mishra, N. B. and Young, K. R., (forthcoming May, 2014 publication), ‘Savannas and Grasslands’, invited encyclopedia entry in Encyclopedia of Natural Resources (Ed Y.Q. Wang), Taylor and Francis. (6241 words) (DOI: 10.1080/E-ENRL-120047446)
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