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Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Chair 305 E. 23rd Street • CLA 3.306 • A3100 • Austin, Tx 78712 • 512-232-1595

Robert Bean

MS Geography, Portland State University

Doctoral Student and Teaching Assistant
Robert Bean
" Fluvial Systems and Landscape Dynamics "


  • Office: CLA Digital Landscapes Lab
  • Office Hours: Fall 2013: Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-4pm
  • Campus Mail Code: A3100


My interests are in river systems, landscape evolution and fluvial-systems evolution, how geomorphic processes and patterns interact with other systems.

My current research is on the paleohydrology of the Makgadikadi-Okavango-Zambezi (MOZ), including human modifcations and neotectonics throughout the Quaternary.

 In my M.S. thesis I  considered how geomorphic structure influences system function of a riparian ecosystem at a small scale in an urban environment. To do this, I integrated a combination of field measurements and sampling, remote sensing (LiDAR) data, and lab tests to examine the bank-sediment particle size distribution and surface water nitrate concentrations.

 In a broader sense, I like to consider multi-scale system interactions (e.g. sediment cascades) and to understand human interactions with environmental change (i.e. legacy effects).

Recent Work:


Southern African Hydrology; Sediment Transport; Geomorphometry; GIScience; SAR (Radar); Macrogeomorphology

Publications - Robert A. Bean

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Published)

Chang, H., Jung, I.-W., Strecker, A., Wise, D., Lafrenz, M., Shandas, V., Moradkhani, H., Yeakley, A., Pan, Y., Bean, R., Johnson, G., Psaris, M., 2013. Water supply, demand, and quality indicators for assessing the spatial distribution of water resource vulnerability in the Columbia River Basin. Atmosphere-Ocean, 1-18.

Lafrenz, M.D., Bean, R.A., Uthman, D., 2013. Soil ripening following dam removal. Physical Geography, 1-12.


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