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Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Chair 305 E. 23rd Street • CLA 3.306 • A3100 • Austin, Tx 78712 • 512-232-1595

Landscape Ecology and Biogeography

Biogeography is the study of the changing distributions of plants, animals, and ecosystems. It can be applied to study the conservation of natural environments, for example in nature reserves, or of species of special concern. One such application, Landscape Ecology, focuses on the study of the ecology of physical and biotic landscapes through time. This includes geoecology, the study of the relationships of plant and animal species and communities with surficial processes, geomorphology, and soils. The field of Landscape Ecology developed in the United States in the 1970s and has become a major area of growth in ecology through the applications of earth science approaches, quantitative methods, remote sensing, and GISc to ecological issues.

Students selecting this track are required to take 4 of the following courses:

  • GRG 335K Mountain Geoecology
  • GRG 335N Landscape Ecology
  • GRG 338C Rivers and Landscapes: Fluvial Geomorphology
  • GRG 336C Comparative Ecosystems
  • GRG 366K Biogeography
  • GRG 367K Vegetation Ecology
  • GRG 379L Practicum (when appropriate as determined by the Track Advisor)

To satisfy core requirements in physical geography. students should take
GRG 301C The Natural Environment, and one additional course in physical geography.

To satisfy the core requirements in human geography, students are encouraged to take: GRG 306C Conservation (another course in conservation/resource management) and GRG 305 Theis Human World.

To satisfy the core requirements in methods and techniques, students should take two of the following courses:

  • GRG 360G Environmental Geographic Information Systems
  • GRG 462K Introductory Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • GRG 373F Field Techniques
  • GRG 373K Field Methods for Landscape Characterization
  • GRG 464K Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GRG 470C Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • GRG 356T when course is a method or technique

Note: if a CORE or TRACK course is needed for graduation but is not being
offered, please see Track Advisor for help with a substitute course

Minors for Landscape Ecology and Biogeography

Students in this track should consider a minor in integrative biology. Talk to the track advisor about options that would be suitable.

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