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1968: A Global Perspective (October 7 & 10-12, 2008)

Comparative Literature Confernce Co-Sponsored and Co-Organized by German Studies

Posted: August 12, 2008

The year 1968 has become a central myth for the twentieth century, the purported moment of origin for "the present" -- for current politics, culture, and academics. This conference commemorates the 40th anniversary of 1968 by calling for a reassessment of its local and global impacts, its icons, myths, and images, the traces and absences left in its wake, and the intellectual and cultural heritages that we are still working through, as the collective memory of participants fades into a post-memory of the still incomplete projects of modernization, globalization, and liberation.

The conference aims to create interdisciplinary discussions of the many different 1968 experiences and projects that can be recovered in global, national, and international frameworks. Flashpoints, major players, artistic responses in all media and genres, and (re)theorizings of 1968 and its heritage will be included as conference themes.

For the conference website, click here.

Note, too, that our deparrtment's graduate students (Bradley Boovy, Rob Kohn, and Jan Uelzmann)  have contributed a panel entitled "Before and After the Wall: 1968 in Divided and Unified Germany."

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