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Prospective Intern FAQ

How do I find an internship?

The Government Department and the Texas Politics Project maintain the Internship Bulletin Board, a website that government offices and political organizations may use to post internship opportunities. In addition to using this UT-Austin web service, if you are interested in a legislative internship, a good starting point is your state representative, state senator, or member of Congress. Contact their office, let them know you are a constituent, and inquire about how you might go about applying for an internship. Students can use the "Who Represents Me?" tool provided Texas Legislature to identify their elected representatives.

How do I apply for the internship program?

Fill out an application completely and return it to the Government Department Undergraduate Advising Center in Batts 2.102 between 8 AM and 4:30 PM. There are application forms here.

What are the requirements for being admitted into the internship program?

Upper-division standing (60 completed semester hours; 12 semester hours of government completed, including GOV 310L and GOV 312L or GOV 3TX & GOV 3US; Cumulative GPA must be 3.00 or higher AND Government GPA 3.00 or higher; and consent of the internship coordinator (Dr. Henson).

If I'm admitted to the program, I just get credit for working in a government or political organization, right?

No. Students receive a grade and credit for completing coursework in in conjunction with working in a government or political organization.

I already have a position in a political organization or government office. Can I sign up and just get credit for work I've already done?


How about if sign up for the class and just do the class work, based on time I've already spent interning in an office?

No. But continuing interns (i.e. students who have an internship already and want to participate in the program while continuing their internship) are welcome to apply. This happens fairly regularly.

I'm already a full-time employee of a government office or political organization, and I meet the above requirements, so I just want to get some credits for my job by signing up for the internship class, okay?

No. You are a full-time employee, not an intern.

I've already arranged an internship that will be active during the semester I want to take the class. Is this okay?

Yes. This is great, as a matter of fact, and if you meet the admission qualifications, it increases the likelihood of being admitted to the program.

I applied once before and didn't meet the qualifications. Can I apply again?


Are there deadlines for applying for internship program?

Yes, see the main webpage. In special cases, and space permitting, late applicants may be considered. Contact Dr. Henson with inquiries.

It's the first week of the semester and I really need a class. I haven't applied for the internship program, but I really, really want to get in now. What are my chances?

Practically zero -- we always have more applicants than available slots. But you should plan ahead, and apply for next semester -- we'd love to have you, just not at the last minute.

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