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2009 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Work

Posted: May 20, 2009

Congratulations to this year’s class of Undergraduate Honors Students! The students, their theses, and supervisors are:

Veronica Benavides - Violating the Victim: A Case Against Current Sex Trafficking Laws. Supervisor: Benjamin Gregg

Heather Coghlan - How Moderators and Moments Define the Man: Discussing a Formula for Presidential Legacy. Supervisor: Bruce Buchanan

Alvaro Corral - Banderas y Votos: Pan-Ethnic Identity and Latino Voting Behavior. Supervisor: David Leal

Brad Gray - International Media Pressure on Policy: A Comparative Study of the Seoul and Beijing Olympic Games. Supervisor: Raul Madrid

Robbie Earle - African Voices and Policy Effort: Why Public Opinion Matters in the Fight Against AIDS. Supervisors: Catherine Boone and Kenneth Greene

Lewis Fallis - Anger, Laughter, and Justice in Nietzsche. Supervisor: Russell Muirhead

Ryan Henrich - The Effects of Government Structure on Minority Language Preservation. Supervisor: Terri Givens

Punam Kaji - Why Foreign Interventions Succeed or Fail. Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Michael LaCour - Generational Divide: Why Young People Today are More Liberal than Before. Supervisor: Sharon Jarvis

Jeff Loeb - Contention in Rural China: The Role of Wealth Disparity and Disruption in Determining Protest Success. Supervisor: William Hurst

Cass Luskin - The Politics of Ancient Justice: Ideology and the Rule of Law. Supervisor: Russell Muirhead

Anu Madabhushi - Women Candidates and the Lok Sabha: An Analysis of Factors Leading to Their Success or Failure in Elections. Supervisor: Robert Moser

Vickie Mery - Variation in Support for Pakistani Radical Parties. Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur

Sarah Meyer - Does Content Matter? The Effect of Civics Curricula on Political Participation. Supervisor: Andrew Karch

Anjali Mohan - The School of Democracy: What Clashing Perspectives on the Jury Teach Us About Constitutional Democracy in the U.S. and Abroad. Supervisor: Jeffrey Abramson

Cheryl Nolan - Policy Diffusion and Interest Group Mobilization: A Study of Same-Sex Marriage Restrictions in California and Michigan. Supervisor: Bryan Jones

K. Emma Pickering - Free Willoughby: Jane Austen and Aristotle on Moral Responsibility. Supervisor: Devin Stauffer

Hannah Pozdro - What a Load of Crap: Recycling in U.S. Cities. Supervisor: Andrew Karch

Sarmed Rashid - Political Determinants of Successful Climate Change Policy. Supervisor: Patrick McDonald

Tristan Sierra - Fear, Fighting, and Franklins: Perceived Threat, Privatization, and Military Participation in the U.S. Supervisor: Ami Pedahzur

Lauren Smith - Evolving Evangelicalism: Reconciling Evangelicalism and Liberal Feminism. Supervisors: Juliet Hooker and Gretchen Ritter

Patrick Tighe - When Insanity Reigns: Explaining Genocide in Rwanda and Sudan Through the Radicalization of Political Leadership. Supervisor: Catherine Boone

Arun Venkataraman - Managing the Scope of Conflict in Foreign Policy: Congress, the Executive, and the Public. Supervisor: Peter Trubowitz

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