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Summer 2007

HIS w306N • Intro to Mid East: Adj/Chg Mod Tm-SFC

Unique Days Time Location Instructor

Gelber, Y

Course Description

(1) A survey of the ME historical geography: The Ottoman Empire administrative borders; The main ridges, rivers, lakes and historical routes. The ethnic composition and demographic growth since the 19th century; The post World War I borders of the new mandated territories and later states, and the changes of borders since the peace treaty with Turkey. (2) The creation of the modern Middle East: The Ottoman Empire and the Arabs in the 19th century; The beginnings of modernization; The emergence of an Arab nationalism; The First World War in the Middle East; The post-war new order; From mandates to independence. (3) Middle Eastern Politics: Monarchies and republics; One-party and multi-parties states; Pan-Arabism, Arabism and state particularism; unions and separations; Inter-Arab politics. The non-Arab states in the Middle East. (4) The Middle East and the West: Colonial competition and cooperation in the Middle East; The role of oil; The Cold War; The Arab-Jewish conflict; The Gulf wars and the Israeli-Palestinian "peace" process.

Grading Policy

Every two weeks an exam on readings and class meetings of the past two weeks. Altogether, four exams that form 80% of the final grade (20% each). Presence in class and active participation form the remaining 20%.


1. Albert Hourani, History of the Arabs 2. Roger Owen, State, Power and Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East 3. Bernard Lewis, The Multiple Identities of the Middle East, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London 1998


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